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Voice Termination Services

Providing best Quality, Reliability & Security Voice services at reasonable rates for Resellers, Hosting or Voice Service Providers who need to resell these services or consume internally.

Local Inbound Services

Allows you to call to one of our provided local phone numbers, aggregate the traffic and hand it off to IP endpoints. These services are provided in the U.S. and 26 other countries.

Enhanced Local VoIP Services

Select IPcentrics as your VOIP provider and you can retain control over end-user features and billing and quickly expand into new markets

Wholesale Toll Free Services

With real time ANI delivery, IPcentrics wholesale toll free services provide industry-leading quality over a secure, cutting-edge network.

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Call us toll free:
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IPcentrics Corporation is a Telecommunication company utilizing leading edge technology and telecommunications solutions to assist enterprise companies and resellers to increase revenue, enhance efficiencies and reduce costs in operating and supporting of your internal telecommunications infrastructure or services provided to your customers.